AFRO e-News (2023.01-12)

AFRO e-News (2023.01-12)

May 18, 2023

Past Issues


AFRO Broadcasting Station: A Physically and Mentally Healthy New Year!

Volunteer Training

Future Activity: "Christmas Wreath" DIY Class    AFRO Christmas Party

AFRO News Reading: Sex work is work: Lesson from my 24 years in the trade


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Pay before Service

Foot Massage    Menopause Exercise Class

Visit to Tsz Shan Monastery    AIDS Memorial Quilt Event 2023

AFRO News Reading: Sex work is work: Lesson from my 24 years in the trade


AFRO Broadcasting Station: HPV Self-test

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Future Activity: Foot Massage Class

AFRO News Reading: EU: Harmful 'Prostitution" Resolution Passes


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Illegal Activities within the Sex Industry

Meeting with the Crime Prevention Bureau    Satsuma Jelly Workshop

Future Activity: Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

AFRO News Reading: World's Most Sexually Liberal Cities


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Misunderstandings in Law -- The Crimes Ordinance applies only to those without HKID? One can easily predict udnercover police action?

English Class    Running Class

Future Activity: Healthy Eating Month

AFRO News Reading: 'The police see us as disposable': what life's really like in New York's maligned 'red light district'


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Know More About STIs -- Is Syphilis Curable?

Thai Boxing Class (24-6-2023)

Future Activity: Diabetes X Stress  Running Class for Beginners

AFRO News Reading: Sex workers sought by University of Nottingham to develop safety tool


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Menatl Health Support Service

Sound Healing Workshop (22/5)

Future Activity: Thai Boxing Class

AFRO News Reading: States try to reform prostitution laws -- for better and worse


AFRO Broadcasting Station: HIV Antibody Self-Test

Tsz Shan Monastery Tour

Knowing HIV/AIDS Videos

AFRO News Reading: Indonesia's sex workers organise, fight stigma and shame


AFRO Broadcasting Station: About "G"

Dental Check-up

Love Yourself Skincare Workshop (3)

Future Activities: Visit to Tsz Shan Monastery

AFRO News Reading: Hong Kong man arrested in Macau suspected to have killed prostitute for insulting him


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Condomless Sex Trade

Acknowledgement: Ticket Donation by Hong Kong Disneyland

Love Yourself Skincare Workshop (2)

Future Activities: Love Yourself Skincare Workshop (3)

AFRO News Reading: A 'super strain' of gonorrhea circulating in the U.S. is so powerful that it can evade many antibiotics used to treat it, expert says


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Tips for Safe SM

Love Yourself Skincare Workshop (2)

Meeting the Crime Prevention Bureau

AFRO News Reading: Stripper Web, a 20-year-old forum for sex workers, is shutting down. No one knows why.


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Celebrate Christmas with AFRO

Love Yourself Skincare Workshop (1)     Visiting Hong Kong Palace Museum

Handmade Ornaments for the Year of the Rabbit

Future Activities: Love Yourself Skincare Workshop (2)

AFRO News Reading: South Africa moves to decriminalise sex work