AFRO e-News (2021.10)

AFRO e-News (2021.10)

Nov 18, 2021

Cheque Fraud

Recently, a number of sisters have reported similar cases to AFRO – a client alleged that he did not have enough cash and had to settle the payment by cheque. However, when the fellow sister tried to cash the cheque at the bank, it was dishonoured. Only at that time did the fellow sister realise she had been cheated and lost income from that sexual service transaction, and it was already too late.

We recommend that fellow sisters do not accept cheques as payment, as it is not possible to verify the validity of the cheque immediately and on the spot. Even if the client is willing to leave you his personal information, it is not necessarily true. Once the client leaves the premises, if anything goes wrong, it will be difficult to hold him accountable and you will be the one who bears the loss.

If ever you are presented with a cheque, please pay attention to the following points... (Read full text)

Reunion (Cartoon Glutinous Rice Ball Workshop)

AFRO, fellow sisters and their families and friends had a cartoon glutinous rice ball on 18 September (Saturday) for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Apart from making cute glutinous rice balls with novel ideas, the event also provided an opportunity for fellow sisters to gather with their families and friends, which reflects exactly the meaning of Mid-Autumn Festival – REUNION.

The participants were full of creativity. Their finished products might not be perfect, but were all in different styles and with their unique characteristics. More importantly, fellow sisters and their families and friends enjoyed the team work and had fun together.

Professional Training Workshop

AFRO was invited by Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong to hold a professional training workshop work "How can Hong Kong female sex workers face the challenge of drugs?" (sponsored by Beat Drugs Fund) on 18 September 2021 for a group of graduate students (part-time). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop was simultaneously shared on-site and live-streamed online. In addition to drugs issues faced by female sex workers, the AFRO team also shared with the participants on issues that they were interested to know more about, such as the reasons why sex workers entered the industry, the legal issues they have to face, their sexual health concerns and service needed etc. The students were actively engaged in the rich and vibrant discussion.

Hill of Hope (Harmony Pastel Workshop)

Harmony Pastel is a pastel finger-painting art that does not require any foundation training in drawing and painting. Through the softness of pastels and unique painting techniques, all learners can easily create a beautiful work. At the same time, you can enjoy the harmony and tranquility brought by painting. It is suitable for fellow sisters who are busy at work and need to relax from time to time.

AFRO would like invite fellow sisters to experience the Harmony Pastel together. You don't need any painting foundation. All you need to do is focus on the process of spreading pastel on the drawing paper, relax your mind and let the soft colors soothe you.

Event details:

Location: AFRO Centre

Date: 26 October 2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 10:30 am to 12:00 nn

Cost: Free

AFRO News Reading

Whatever Happened To ... The Thai Sex Worker Trying To Rebuild Her Life In A Pandemic?

(Utah Public Radio. 2021.09.08)

When we interviewed sex workers in Thailand back in September 2020, many were holding out hope that the coronavirus pandemic would end soon. But the country's coronavirus crisis has only gotten worse, with the average number of daily new infections reaching its peak on Aug. 13 at 23,418 cases. While some resort islands, like Phuket, have reopened to vaccinated foreign tourists, tourism is far from having rebounded... (Read full text)

AFRO's comments:

A year ago probably people around the world all wished that we would be living a normal life in 2021. But by now we should have realised that the agenda is no longer about "getting back to normal" but "adjusting to the new normal".

M. is lucky after all. Although she lost her job at the go-go bar, she was able to start a new job at her hometown. And who knows where the new path will lead to?