AFRO e-News (2020.07)

AFRO e-News (2020.07)

Jul 03, 2020

AFRO Broadcasting Station: Stay alert, do not slack off.

Following the loosening of the social distancing measures, the society gradually returned to its normal routines, so did our fellow sisters. Most of AFRO's centre-based and outreach services were resumed and we were glad to see all those familiar faces in various venues.

We understand that fellow sisters were eager to resume work as their income might have been heavily affected by the pandemic in the past few months. Unfortunately, the third wave of the epidemic has already struck. The number of cases has been rising in the past few days. Fellow sisters should all stay alert, but not slack off.

Fellow sisters must pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene especially during work. Please be reminded to wash hands or use hand sanitisers to clean hands frequently. Also, please also prepare hand sanitisers for clients. On the other hand, fellow sisters may take off their face masks for a rest when staying in the workplace alone. However, it is still crucial to wear a mask when having contact with the clients and pay attention to whether there is presence of COVID-19 symptoms on oneself or the clients. Once there is presence of symptoms, you should stop contact with the client immediately and seek help from a doctor.

Work Report: AFRO's Service Resumed

Owing to the COVID-19 in the past few months, the AFRO Centre had closed for a period of time for the sake of health and safety of fellow sisters and colleagues of AFRO. In late April, the centre reopened as the outbreak had got relatively under control. The testing sessions for HIV/STIs and pap smear have also been resumed.

In order to ensure social distancing within the centre, fellow sisters are requested to make an appointment in advance. Fellow sisters would need to properly wear a face mask and undergo a temperature check before entering the centre, and complete a health declaration form after that.

We shall closely monitor the development of the pandemic and review the arrangements from time to time. Fellow sisters please pay close attention to AFRO's announcement. If you have a question, please call AFRO's 24-hour emergency hotline 2770 1002.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for their donation of 500 anti-epidemic packs (each with 5 masks and 1 hand sanitiser) and 2,500 face masks.

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AFRO's Comments:

"In pandemic, it can't be a response that leads to some groups being disproportionately marginalized and impacted because government finds it hard to figure out how to handle this issue." -- This probably sums up everything.