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Support Groups for Sex Workers

Hong Kong
Zi Teng http://www.ziteng.org.hk/
Midnight Blue http://www.mnbhk.org

Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers http://apnsw.org

European Network for HIV-STD Prevention in Prostitution http://www.europap.net/
European Network Male Prostitution http://www.enmp.org/
Femmigration http://www.femmigration.net/
International Committee For the Rights of Sex Workers In Europe http://www.sexworkeurope.org/

International Collective Prostitutes http://www.prostitutescollective.net
International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education http://www.iswface.org
Network of Sex Work Projects http://www.nswp.org

Red de Trabajadoras Sexuales de Latinoamerica y el Caribe http://www.redtrasex.org.ar/

Magenta - Sex Worker Project https://magenta.org.au/
Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry, RhED (Melbourne) http://www.sexworker.org.au/
Scarlet Alliance http://www.scarletalliance.org.au/
Sex Workers Outreach Project, SWOP http://www.swop.org.au/
South Australian Sex Industry Network, SIN (Adelaide) http://sin.org.au/
Scarlet Men http://www.scarletmen.org.au

Cybersolidaires (Montreal) http://www.cybersolidaires.org/
Exotic Dancers Association of Canada http://www.exoticdancerscanada.com/
MAGGIES (Toronto) http://www.maggiestoronto.ca
Sex Professionals of Canada http://spoc.ca
Stella (Montreal) http://www.chezstella.org/

The International Union of Sex Workers http://www.iusw.org/
Scottish Prostitution Education Project (Scotland) http://www.scot-pep.org.uk/
X:Talk Project - UK http://www.xtalkproject.net

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, DURBAR http://www.durbar.org/

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, DURBAR http://www.durbar.org/

New Zealand
New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, NZPC http://www.nzpc.org.nz

South Africa
Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce, SWEAT http://www.sweat.org.za/

Collective of Sex workers and Supporters, COSWAS http://coswas.org

Empower Foundation http://www.empowerfoundation.org

BAYSWAN (SF) http://www.bayswan.org
Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics, COYOTE (USA) http://www.walnet.org/csis/groups/coyote.html
COYOTE (LA) http://www.coyotela.org
Desiree Alliance http://www.desireealliance.org
Prostitutes’ Education Network http://www.bayswan.org/penet.html
Prostitutes of New York http://www.pony-ny.org
Sex Workers Outreach Project, SWOP http://swop-usa.org/
Sex Workers Project (NY) http://www.sexworkersproject.org
Spread Magazine http://www.spreadmagazine.org/

SANs http://www.sans.nu/sans_eng.htm
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Women’s NGOs

Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women http://www.rapecrisiscentre.org.hk/
Association for the Advancement of Feminism http://www.aaf.org.hk/
Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong http://www.rahk.org.hk/index.asp?bianhao=52
Harmony House http://www.harmonyhousehk.org/
Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres http://www.womencentre.org.hk/
Hong Kong Women Christian Council http://www.hkwcc.org.hk
Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association http://www.hkwwa.org.hk/
Nutong Xueshe http://leslovestudy.com/nutongxueshe/
Queer Sisters http://www.qs.org.hk/
Women Coalition of HKSAR http://www.wchk.org/
HER Fund http://www.herfund.org.hk/
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AIDS Service Organisations

The Hong Kong Coalition of AIDS Service Organizations http://www.hkcaso.org.hk/
AIDS Concern http://www.aidsconcern.org.hk/
Chi Heng Foundation http://www.chiheng.org/
CHOICE http://www.communityhealth.org.hk/
Community Research Program on AIDS, CUHK http://www.ceb.cuhk.edu.hk/crpa.htm
Hong Kong AIDS Foundation http://www.aids.org.hk/
Rainbow of Hong Kong http://www.rainbowhk.org/en-intro.html
Red Ribbon Centre of Hong Kong http://www.info.gov.hk/aids/rrc/english/home.htm
Mercury III Intensive Support and Preventive Programme for AIDS and Blood Borne Diseases http://www.sracp.org.hk/PublishWebSite/sracp/en/contentPage30812.htm
The Society for AIDS Care http://www.aidscare.com.hk/sac_whoweare_eng.html
St. John’s Cathedral HIV Education Centre http://www.sjhivctr.com/
TeenAIDS http://www.teenaids.org.hk/
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Human Rights Groups

Amnesty International Hong Kong http://www.amnesty.org.hk/html/
Civil Human Rights Fronts http://www.civilhrfront.org
Civil Rights for Sexual Diversities http://neptune.lunarpages.com/~active2/cr4sd/production/eng/main/index.html
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor http://www.hkhrm.org.hk/
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Sex Work Friendly Organisations

HKBIGMAN http://www.hkbigman.net/
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